RV Rental in Kalispell and Great Falls Montana

Rent RV Motorhomes and Trailers

Terms and Conditions

Our Montana travel trailers/motorhomes in Kalispell and Great Falls come partially equipped and ready for your adventures. This includes: a cooking spoon and spatula, medium size saute pan and a pot. Also included are a travel size broom with dustpan, and RV toilet paper. We do offer kitchen kits and personal kits for sale and for you to keep or donate if you choose. (Information for these will be on the booking page of the website or please ask about these when calling.) 


Our RV rentals require a minimum 3 night rental during peak season and 2 nights during shoulder season. A deposit of 50% of the rental total is required to confirm the reservation. The deposit goes toward the balance of the rental. A $59.00 prep fee is also included in the cost of the rental and is non negotiable. 

Security/Damage Deposit:
A credit card security deposit of $500.00 is required at departure. When the unit is returned, all extra charges, if any, will be balanced against the security deposit or may be forfeited for any damages that have occurred and the renter will be provided an estimate showing the part(s), cost of part(s), labor, and freight (if applicable). 

Full payment is due on the day of departure; rental, any extras, and security deposit. We accept all major credit cards. 

The RV reservation fee will be forfeited if the rental is cancelled 29 days or less prior to pickup. More than 30 days notice of cancellation will be 100% refundable. 

Pickup and Returns: 
Available Monday-Friday 9-4 for pickup, drop offs may happen on Saturday and Sunday if requested. Clients should allow up to 1 hour for registration and walk through. 

**Please note that pickup times in Kalispell and Great Falls are VERY important** .
If you are not here at your scheduled time you will have to wait till the next available time slot. No discounts are given for having to wait if you show up late. 

Rentals are to be returned by 11:00am. A late charge of $30.00 an hour will be enforced on all late returns, unless prior approval was given. 

There are NO REFUNDS if the rental is returned early before the termination of the rental agreement. 

Clients are required to return the rental in the same condition as it was picked up. If the rental is left dirty, a cleaning fee of $100.00 an hour will be charged from the security deposit. Extreme cases will result in a forfeit of the entire deposit and is at the discretion of the Rental Manager. 

Return the rentals with black and grey tanks empty or a $50.00 dumping fee will be charged. 
Clients do not need to refill the fresh water tank or propane. 

**RV toilet paper that we provide for you is to be used. If regular toilet paper or sanitary items have been used in the units a fee of $100.00 will be assessed.** 

Service dogs only- along with the service pet certificate to show verification.
There is a $250.00 additional pet deposit for service dogs.
This deposit is refundable based upon the cleanliness of the rental upon return. 

**Absolutely NO smoking of any kind or a $500.00 fee will be assessed.**

Rental Insurance for Travel Trailer:
Customers must verify with their insurance company that the liability extends to a non-owned rental trailer. We do provide a form for your agent to sign as we not NOT accept copies of the insurance cards. Our insurance company MBA Insurance, does provide an option to purchase SLI(Supplemental liability insurance). SLE is excess liability insurance that protects the renter as defined in our rental agreement, against third party automobile claims for bodily injury and property damage caused during the permitted use of the rented trailer. SLI will only pay after the primary insurance limits are exhausted. Information on how to purchase this will be given at the time of reservation. 

Rental Insurance for Motorhomes:
Customers must verify with their insurance company that their insurance for the rental is full coverage to include comprehensive, collision, and liability. We do have a form for your insurance agent to sign as we do not accept copies of the insurance card. Our insurance company MBA Choice, does provide an optional insurance to purchase for the motorhomes. This is a small fee for your rental period and includes comprehensive, collision and liability. Information on how to purchase this will be given at the time of reservation. 

Towing with Motorhome: Absolutely NO towing is allowed with motorhomes.

Mileage Packages For Motorhomes: 
Motorhomes do allow 100 free miles a day for the term of your rental and a fee of $.35 cents a mile after that. Unless purchasing a Mileage package. 
Mileage packages MUST be purchased before departure and are non refundable even if mileage purchased is not used. 
Mileage overage will be the standard .35 cents a mile after package mileage purchase is up. 

.20 Cents a mile $120 for 600 miles. 
.25 Cents a mile $75 for 300 miles. 
.30 Cents a mile for $45 for 150 miles. 

If for any reason beyond our control, the rental requested is not available, we will substitute an equal or higher rated rental at no additional cost. Should a lower rated rental be offered and accepted, liability will be limited to a refund of price difference between model paid/ reserved and model taken. 

All drivers must be 25 years or older with a valid US driver's license. 

Maintenance/ Breakdown: 
The rental customer is responsible for checking all engine fluids and reporting any failures. We will NOT reimburse the client for ANY mechanical damage or repairs if there was no prior authorization to have these fixed, or if the damage is due to negligence in the operation of the rental. Radio, TV/DVD, and cruise control malfunctions are not consider breakdowns and no refunds are available for rental downtime due to any repairs. 

Parking Tickets: 
Customers are responsible for reporting and payment of all parking/ traffic violations/ toll fees. Non- reporting of these may result in an administrative charge of $50.00 in addition to the fines.

Clients may leave one vehicle at the rental location during the rental period. The company and its staff are not responsible for any loss or damages that occur to a client’s vehicle. Please be sure to securely lock the vehicle and leave all valuables at home. 

Airport Shuttle/ Truck Rentals for Towing: 
Gardner’s RV & Trailer Center does not provide these services. It is the client’s responsibility to make any needed transportation arrangements. 

Delivery Option:
We do deliver our rentals for $4.00 a mile round trip. We do not deliver into Glacier Park.**This is a rule of Glacier Park we must follow** It is the responsibility of the customer to make arrangements to have the black and gray tanks emptied if necessary, we do not come to service this during your rental period. We do have a charge of $50.00 that is automatically attached to the rental at the time of reservation for us to service the tanks after pickup if you choose. 

Required For Towing: 
It is the renters responsibility to confirm that their personal vehicle is capable and safe to tow one of our trailers. The towing capacity and Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating for the trailer, passengers, cargo, and vehicle must not be exceeded. The specifications of our trailers are listed on their respective web pages or can be found in the booking engine.
If the Renters vehicle is not safe to tow, the renter will not be allowed to use the trailer and the reservation deposit will be forfeited. It is Montana State law to have a brake controller, no one will be permitted to rent without one. It is the clients responsibility to make sure they have the brake controller before pickup. If the client does not have the brake controller, we do offer the hard wired brake controller for rent for $150 plus installation. 

Please keep in mind to have this checked and done prior to pick up day, as we will need to make an appointment to have this service done for you.
We also offer the Wireless Brake Controller for $80.00 for the term of your rental. Both options aside, we require a 7 way plug as well as a towing hitch. 
If for any reason we are not able to use the brake controller on the towing vehicle, the reservation will be cancelled and no refunds given. 

Our trailers are all pulled with a 2 5/16’’ ball, we do have these to borrow if needed. 
We do have towing hitches on hand for you to rent for $50.00 for the term of your rental. If weight distribution hitch is needed, we can rent you one for $100.00 for the term of your rental. 

We do rent 2000watt generators for $99.00 for the term of your rental. These generators are only for the use of a coffee pot if you choose to bring one, microwave and electrical outlets. Please keep in mind they will NOT run the Air Conditioner. 

********By signing your Rental Contract, you are agreeing to these terms and agreements in addition to what’s listed on our Rental Contract Document.*******