Tips for Successful RV Cooking

cooking in an RV

Ideally, you want to use your RV’s kitchen when you’re out on the road traveling in it. After all, the ability to cook your own food like you would at home was probably one of the major draws of owning your motorhome or travel trailer in the first place.

But when it comes down to actually cooking, you may feel put-off by the idea. It’s admittedly more straightforward and simpler to just head to a restaurant every night and managing your RV’s fridge and pantry stock takes extra work. Not to worry: with just a few simple tips, you can be well on your way to maximizing your RV kitchen’s potential.

Plan Things Out

Planning what you’ll eat and when you’ll eat it helps you to actually follow through on prepping the ingredients you bought. When you plan your meals and buy the groceries, make a promise to yourself to get those meals made even if you’re tired after a long day. If you’ve known for a week what you plan to have tonight, you’ll be in the mindset to make it happen.

Have Alternatives Handy

In the event that you’re absolutely done with everything and you’re bone-weary (hey, it’s going to happen sometimes if you just spent a lot of time outside), don’t resort to eating out. Have some cheap and easy non-perishable alternatives available at all times. We’re talking cans of soup, boxed macaroni, or some canned tuna. They’re not exciting meals, but they’ll still fill you up without forcing you to put forth lots of effort.

Keep Meals Simple

Regardless of whether or not you’re tired, it’s best to keep all meals simple, not just your alternatives. The simpler they are, the more likely you’ll feel up to making them. Simpler means fewer ingredients and steps, not less taste. Find meals that are heavy on flavor but light on prep. Don’t be afraid to use a slow cooker or to prep ingredients ahead of time (including freezing pre-cooked meats).

Cook Outside

Lastly, don’t forget that you’re in some of the prettiest places in the country. You’re RVing and that means that you’re probably at a campground in a National or State Park right this second. What better incentive to cook than to grill outside your rig in the fresh air and natural splendor of your surroundings? Mix some grill recipes into your meal plan and enjoy the evening outside. If those views don’t get you cooking, what will?

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