Must-Have Camping Accessories for RVs


While you’re bound to bring all sorts of accessories, gadgets, and creature comforts along with you on any RV journey, there are a handful of accessories that Gardner’s RV & Trailer Center considers essential, gear that any RVer on any type of trip is going to want to have stowed on their RV somewhere.

A Patio Grill

Outdoor grilling might be big at home, but on the road a patio grill is under almost constant use. Living out of an RV is almost like living on your porch. Sure you may go inside to sleep or watch a movie, but once you’ve set up at your RV site, the area immediately outside of your door becomes your living room in a way. You’ll appreciate it at meal times when you need to fee a hungry horde of guests.

An Awning

An awning is useful in all weathers, especially when you consider the point made earlier that that area immediately outside of your door becomes your living room. You want to enjoy it, rain or shine, and a good awning makes all the difference in pursuit of that. Whether built in or added later, an awning is indispensable to your outdoor enjoyment, shading you from the hot sun and acting as an umbrella during rain.

A Step and Porch

To complete your outdoor sitting area, you’ll want a step and porch set. It helps to make it easier to get in and our of your RV and reduces the chance of tripping or falling. Creating a porch for yourself is also a great idea and there are many mats that will either attach or mold themselves to a step accessory.

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