More Scenic Towns in Montana


We’ve previously done an article on beautiful towns in Montana, but that list didn’t seem complete. Montana is, after all, one of the more scenic states in the Union, so it was hard to pare down the list to just a few towns.

If you’re heading through Montana this summer, do yourself a favor and be sure to pass through these towns. And by pass through, we do mean of course that you ought to stop your RV, stretch your legs for a spell, enjoy some lunch in a charming local restaurant, and spend some time shopping and enjoying the charm and scenic beauty of some of Montana’s quaintest towns.


Anaconda is a charming town that has some beautiful vintage set pieces, like the historic and ornate Washoe Theater, which was built back in 1936. There’s also a place to stretch your legs in Washoe Park and you can feed some trout at the Anaconda Fish Hatchery.


Hamilton’s got scenery for sure, but it’s also one of Montana’s best small towns for dining and hospitality. While you are, indeed, traveling in the comfort of your RV, it is nice to occasionally stay a night in a hotel room if the hotel is charming and historic. In an authentic town like Hamilton, charming and historic hotels can be found by the handful. So the game plan can certainly be to roll in late, enjoy some delicious dinner, stroll for awhile among the shops, and then retire to one of the town’s cool hotels.


Okay, so this isn’t a town you’ll be able to grab a bite in or do shopping. You won’t even be able to mingle with locals. You see, Garnet is a ghost town. Easily the best preserved ghost town in all of Montana, but a ghost town nonetheless. All things considered, Garnet is strikingly well-preserved with most of the town’s central structures still intact, which includes most of its main thoroughfare.

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